Author: Christopher Ohge

Thoughts on ‘Low-tech’ Digital Humanities

[Note: This article first appeared in the 4 April 2022 edition of the Talking Humanities blog at the School of Advanced Study, University of London.] Last year I visited the Waste Age exhibit at the Design Museum in London. I will never forget my immediate sorrow at seeing a massive bottle-top chain made with collected waste from […]

Figures for Publishing Scholarly Editions: Archives, Computing, and Experience

Anyone who accesses the PDF or print copy of my book Publishing Scholarly Editions may notice that some of the figures came out a little blurry. I have included the original image files below in case anyone would like to examine them closely.

On Tony Harrison’s ‘The Icing Hand’, from Illuminations

[Note: this was originally posted on Newcastle Poetry Festival 2020 Inside Writing showcase.] Dr Christopher Ohge, Lecturer in Digital Approaches to Literature at the IES, reads ‘The Icing Hand’ by Tony Harrison from the Bloodaxe Books online archive and shares his thoughts on the poem. I have long admired Tony Harrison’s poetry. He is justly […]

The Making of an Anti-Slavery Anthology: Mary-Anne Rawson and The Bow in the Cloud

[Please note: this blog was also posted on the John Rylands Research Institute’s blog, but I have made a few minor revisions.] Part 1 A Definitive Object, a Solidity of Purpose “The plan appears to me very promising, and I hope, and that its success will further the amiable design of its formation––as a publication […]

Digital Text Analysis of Herman Melville’s Marginalia in Shakespeare [A Progress Report]

Remarks delivered at the Digital Humanities Congress, Sheffield, 6 September 2018[1] (Click here to download all of the slides as a PDF file.) “He had the tradition in him, deep, in his brain, his words, the salt beat of his blood. He had the sea of himself in a vigorous, stricken way… It enabled him […]

Working with digital texts: regular expressions on the command line

Working with my colleagues Marty Steer and Jonathan Blaney (Digital Humanities at the School of Advanced Study), I have been teaching sessions on “Working with Texts” for the LAHP Digital Humanities short course this month. We have provided a range of introductions to markdown, html, xml, TEI-XML, document ontologies, the command line, and regular expressions. […]