Digital Projects

What’s in Progress?

(as of September 2018)

The Bow and the Cloud and the Networks of Anti-Slavery Literature in Great Britain.

Started in March 2018, with a digital humanities start-up grant from the John Rylands Research Institute, University of Manchester.

Melville’s Marginalia Online (as associate editor):

XML markup of digital surrogates of Melville’s books; digital text analysis of marginalia in Shakespeare, Milton, and Homer. [Preliminary results of this work will be published in the June 2018 issue of Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies.]

Herman Melville Electronic Library (as co-editor):

TEI-XML encoding of fluid text edition of Billy Budd, Sailor with TextLab. Adding revision narratives to early chapters with Juxta editions. Soon I am also planning to begin work on the Melville family correspondence project.


For a list of completed digital projects, follow this link.