Pedagogical Materials


“Textual Scholarship and Contemporary Editorial Theory” (Autumn term, 2019). [Download the syllabus here]

Introduction to Text Analysis with R,” Riga Technical University (16-26 September 2019).

Digital Scholarly Editing: Advanced Methods,” London Rare Books School (1–5 July 2019).

Introduction to Digital Scholarly Editing,” London Rare Books School (24–28 June 2019).

Working with Texts,” LAHP Introduction to Digital Humanities seminar (May–June 2019).

Textual Editing in the Digital Age,” Newcastle University (April 2019).

Introduction to Programming with R,” Sunoikisis Digital Classics Seminar (February–March 2019).


Digital Approaches to Book History,” IES research seminar (October 2018).

“Digital Scholarly Editing,” London Rare Books School (2-6 July 2018).

“Hacking Moby-Dick“: A Seminar Series on Digital Approaches to Literature (April-June 2018).


Introduction to Digital Humanities,” Department of English, University of Maine (spring semester 2013).