Terry Pratchett Archive Workshop

About this Workshop

A Being Human 2020 workshop on Terry Pratchett's Archive at the Senate House Library, University of London.

November 19, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm GMT

Hosted by Maria Castrillo (Head of Special Collections & Engagement, Senate House Library), James Cummings (Lecturer in Late-Medieval Literature and Digital Humanities, Newcastle University), and Christopher Ohge (Lecturer in Digital Approaches to Literature).

In this workshop you are invited to experiment with digital technology to add knowledge and stories to the fascinating and unique Terry Pratchett Archive, held at Senate House Library. Explore rare letters, books, illustrations, objects and other items from the digitised Pratchett collection while you tag and describe them. You will be adding information using the simple and fun multi-media and knowledge sharing platform Scalar.

No previous knowledge of Terry Pratchett, his work or Scalar are required for this workshop.

The Colin Smythe/Terry Pratchett Collection at Senate House Library

The Terry Pratchett collection at Senate House Library is a treasure trove for anyone interested in Terry's books and his world, and in his unique contribution to fantasy and science fiction. 

It comprises over 3000 items including all his novels, including first editions, in print and audio translated into more than 30 languages and for different markets, posters, letters, annotated typescripts of his works, newscuttings, original illustrations, adaptations of his works to computer and video games, television, radio and the stage, as well as many fascinating objects and artefacts which depict the worlds he recreated in his books.

The collection is still growing as we continue to receive new material from Colin Smythe, Terry's first literary agent, who has assembled most of the items we have in the Library. 

What you can see in this resource we have created for today's workshop is only a tiny sample of the riches this collection holds. 

If you would like to explore more why don't you have a look at our catalogue:  https://catalogue.libraries.london.ac.uk/search~S1, and better still why don't you join the Library so you can come an explore in more depth: https://london.ac.uk/senate-house-library


Senate House Library

Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study

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