Christopher M. Ohge, CV


2017–present: University of London, School of Advanced Study, Institute of English Studies

Lecturer in Digital Approaches to Literature.

2010–present: Melville Electronic Library, Hofstra University Digital Research Center

Associate Director (2018), Co-editor (2012-2018), Contributing scholar (2010-2012).

2014–2017: University of California, Berkeley, Mark Twain Papers & Project

Associate Editor.

2012–2013: University of Maine, Maine Humanities Initiative and Department of English

Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities.

2012: Boston University, Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning.

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

2011–2013: Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Liberal Arts Department



Boston University. Ph.D. Editorial Studies and Literature, 2012. Dissertation: “Paul Bowles and his Early Mentors: A Life in Letters (1930–1949) to Gertrude Stein, Aaron Copland, and Virgil Thomson.” Supervised by Prof. Sir Christopher Ricks.

Boston University. M.A. English, 2009.

Boise State University. B.A. Philosophy and English, 2008.

Languages: German, advanced reading and writing; French, intermediate reading and writing; Modern Standard Arabic, beginning reading and writing.


“Melville’s Historical Imagination in ‘The House-top,’” in “This Mighty Convulsion”: Melville and Whitman Write the Civil War, edited by Christopher Sten and Tyler Hoffman (University of Iowa Press, 2019). 

“Melville Incomplete,” American Literary History 31.1 (March 2019).  [Click here for the full text.]

Review of American Literature and the New Puritan Studies, edited by Bryce Traister. The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society 7.20.1 (March 2019). [Click here for full text.]

“At the Axis of Reality: Melville’s Marginalia in The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare,” Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies 20.2 (June 2018): 37–67. [Click here for the full text.]

“Introduction: Computation and Digital Text Analysis at Melville’s Marginalia Online,” Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies 20.2 (June 2018): 1–16. [Click here for the full text.]

“Mark Twain: April Fool, 1884,” with Leslie Myrick, Scholarly Editing 38 (2017). <>

“Melville’s Late Readings and the Revisions in the Billy Budd Manuscript,” in Critical Insights: Billy Budd (Salem Press, 2017). [Click here for the full text.]

Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 3, as associate editor (University of California Press, 2015, with e-text on <;style=work;brand=mtp>

“At Melville’s Grave,” Literary Imagination 17.1 (2014). [Click here for the full text.]

“‘Lest we get too transcendental’: Christopher Pearse Cranch’s Changes of Mind in ‘Journal. 1839.’” Scholarly Editing 35 (2014). <>.

“The Authorship of [Beckett’s] ‘F—’ Story, Re-examined,” Notes & Queries 61.1 (March 2014). [Click here for the full text.]

“Introduction to Melville’s Marginalia in Schopenhauer’s Studies in Pessimism.” Melville’s Marginalia Online (2012). “Melville’s Marginalia in Arthur Schopenhauer’s Studies in Pessimism.” Melville’s Marginalia Online (2012).

Introduction: <>

Edited Text: <>

“A Transcription of Melville’s Marginalia in Christopher Marlowe’s Works and Selections from Charles Lamb’s Specimens of English Dramatic Poets who Lived about the Time of Shakspeare,” with Steven Olsen-Smith and Dennis C. Marnon. Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies 10.3 (October 2008, special issue). [Click here for the full text.]

Ongoing Digital Projects

Lead Editor (2017–present): Mary Anne Rawson’s The Bow in the Cloud and the Network of Anti-slavery Print Culture in Great Britain: A Digital Critical Edition (in progress).

Contributing Editor (April 2010–present): Melville Electronic Library <>.

Transcribe and editing Billy-Budd digital fluid text edition; annotating “The House-top” and “Conflict of Convictions” for the Battle-Pieces critical archive; attending annual MEL Camp to discuss site format; held workshop on TEI and XSLT.

Associate Editor (2014–2017): Mark Twain Project Online <>.

Transcribe and editing Mark Twain’s letters; marking up in TEI digital surrogates of University of California Press scholarly editions; database management.

Associate Editor (2012–present); Editorial intern (August 2006–May 2008); Contributing Scholar (September 2008–September 2012): Melville’s Marginalia Online <>.

Logged data for a catalog of books owned and borrowed by Melville; edited, formatted, and proofed text and marginalia; performed library research; edited digital editions.


School of Advanced Study, University of London (2018–present):

Digital Scholarly Editing: An Introduction (MA module, London Rare Books School).

Digital Scholarly Editing: Advanced Methods (MA module, London Rare Books School).

Editing Manuscripts with TextLab (multiple half-day workshops). Hacking Moby-Dick (seminar series).

Introduction to Digital Humanities (MA module, LAHP doctoral partnership training seminar).

Division of the Humanities, UC Berkeley Extension (fall 2015):

The Philosophy of Mark Twain.

Department of English, University of Maine (spring 2013–fall 2013):

Introduction to Digital Humanities.

Lives and Letters.

Division of the Humanities, College of General Studies, Boston University, as Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow (fall 2012):

History of Western Ethics I (Plato to Nietzsche).

Liberal Arts Department, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (fall 2011–summer 2012):

Freshman Seminar: American Writers Assess the Arab World.

Literary Traditions (three sections).

Jazz and Art (two sections).

Honors, &c.

Digital Humanities Start-up Grant (£4795), John Rylands Research Institute, University of Manchester (2018).

Scholarship ($300 CAN), Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria (2018).

Fellowship, Summer 2017 NEH Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities (July 2017).

Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowship in the Humanities, Travel Award (March 2015).

Scholar-in-Residence, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Massachusetts (July 2013).

SHARP Full Tuition Scholarship, Digital Humanities Summer Institute (January 2013).

Travel Award, Dean’s Fund for Conference Travel, University of Maine (January 2013).

Full Tuition Scholarship, Rare Book School, University of Virginia (2012).
Research Start-up Grant, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Maine (2012).

Teaching Fellowship, Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning, Boston University (2012).

Travel Grant, Northeast Modern Language Association (February 2012).

Lawrence G. Blackmon Prize, Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center (April 2011).

Research Fellowship, Editorial Institute, BU (2010–2011; spring 2012).

Teaching Fellowship, Editorial Institute, BU (2009–2010).

Student Commencement Speaker, Boise State University Spring Commencement (May 2008).

Select Presentations

“Digital Text Analysis of Melville’s Marginalia in Shakespeare,” Digital Humanities Congress, Sheffield (September 2018). “Mary Anne Rawson’s The Bow in the Cloud and the Network of Anti-Slavery Literature in Britain,” Textual Histories Conference, University of Leeds (April 2018). “Navigating Readability and Reliability in Mark Twain’s Notebooks,” Digital Editions as Interfaces International Symposium, University of Graz (September 2016). “Editions inside of Archives: Literary Letters at the Mark Twain Project,” English Literary Heritage Conference, University of London (September 2015). “Modeling Melville’s Reading: Editing Marginalia in TEI, Topic Modeling the Author’s Library,” Digital Humanities Annual Convention, Lausanne, Switzerland (July 2014). “Paul Bowles’s Sources, Analogues, and Private Library: A Case Study in Building a Virtual Library,” Writers and their Libraries: An International Conference, University of London (March 2013). “The Digital Critical Edition: Some Fissures Between Content and Design,” Annual Conference of the Association of Literary Critics, Scholars, and Writers, Claremont-McKenna College, California (March 2012). “Edith Wharton and Paul Bowles on Authorial and Imperial Presences in 20th-Century Morocco,” Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, Rochester, New York (March 2012). “Wordsworth’s The Excursion and Melville’s ‘The House-top,’” Annual Conference of the American Literature Association, Boston (May 2011).


Peer reviewer: Palgrave Macmillan book series, “New Directions in Book History” (2018). Guest-editor for a special section on “Melville’s Hand,” Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies (2018). Committee Member, Charlene Conrad Liebau Library Prize for Undergraduate Research, UC Berkeley (2016–2017). Conference organizer: “Digital Humanities Week / THATCamp Maine,” University of Maine (October 2013). Symposium organizer: “Bibliopoetics: The Art and Future of the Book,” University of Maine (April 2013). Committee Member, University of Maine Humanities Initiative (2012–2013).

Professional Associations